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Core Leader
Gwen Jacobs

The University of Hawaii (UH) high-performance computing (HPC) cyberinfrastructure called Mana is a heterogeneous cluster which includes 24 CPU nodes, 7 GPU nodes, Cray ClusterStor E1000 flash storage for scratch (61TB) and HDR Infiniband networking. The ITS Data Center houses research data and computational assets for UH. Storage capacity in the ITS Data Center has been sized to accommodate petabyte-scale data and capacity will scale to support exabytes in the future. The current capacity of the storage resources is 1.9 PBytes, which is handled by an on-campus storage cloud, providing advanced RAID technology to ensure the safety, security, and integrity of the stored data. For data visualization, tiled monitor displays provide the nucleus of a decision support and collaboration space with multiple work nodes. Students and faculty work on client- and community supplied use cases and problem sets, and specific faculty research interests include Cybersecurity/Human Factors, biologically-inspired data visualization for rapid decision-making, network analysis of microbiome-host interactions, technology adoption models in healthcare and in silico display of metagenomic data. The Center provides R, R Studio, MS Office, Jupyter Notebooks, Tableau, DataCamp, and Anaconda free of charge.

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