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Year 2

USDA GusNIP – Awarded September 2023
Technical Assistance: May Okihiro (CEO Core Director)
Mana Ku Produce Prescription Program

DoA – Material Command – Awarded in August 2023
PI: Alex Culley (Microscopy BEMF Core Director)
Scanning electron microscope for research in materials development, energy, and microbiology in extreme environments

NIH/NIDDK/OD – T32DK137523 – Awarded August 2023
MPIs: Youping Deng (CRAFT Bioinformatics Core Director) and Rachel Novotny (CRAFT SAND Core Director)
The Hawaii Advanced Training in Artificial Intelligence for Precision Nutrition Science Research (AIPrN)

NIH/NHLBI – UG3HL169657 – Awarded August 2023
MPIs: Marjorie Mau, Alika Maunakea (CRAFT Epigenomics Core Director) and Sungshim Park
The Pacific Ocean Native Observational (PONO) Health Legacy Study

NIH/NIGMS – P20GM139753-02S1 – Awarded July 2023
Administrative Supplement for Equipment Purchases
Target Equipment: S4 T-STAR 200 Total X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (Bruker AXS)

NIH/NINDS – R21NS133944 – Awarded July 2023
MPIs: Matthew Pitts (PPL) and Peter Hoffmann
The role of selenoprotein I in mitigating neurodegeneration

NIH/NIGMS – P20GM125508- Subproject 5662 – Awarded July 2023
PI: Andrea Jani (PPL)
Determinants of Microbiome Stability Following Pathogen Infection

NIH/NIGMS – P20GM125508- Awarded July 2023
PI: Anthony Amend; Key Personnel: Joanne Yew (Lipidomics Core Director)
COBRE II – Integrative Center for Environmental Microbiomes and Human Health

Hawaii Community Foundation – MedRes_2023_00002973 – Awarded June 2023
PI: Lucia Seale (CRAFT Murine Metabolic Phenotyping Core Director)
Effects of selenium on adipocyte lipids

NIH/NIGMS – P20GM103466 – Subproject 9480 – Awarded May 2023
PI: Youping Deng (CRAFT Bioinformatics Core Director)
Data Science Core for Biomedical Research – HAWAII INBRE V Program

Chun Foundation – Research Grant – Awarded February 2023
PI: Mayumi Jijiwa; Co-Investigator: Youping Deng (CRAFT Bioinformatics Core Director)
The Research for the Neural Crest Cell-Derived Pediatric Cancers

Year 1

NIH/NIMHD U54MD007601-36S1 – Subproject 9557 – Awarded September 2022
PI: Jerris Hedges; Co-Investigator: Youping Deng (CRAFT Bioinformatics Core Director)
Hawaii Data Science Training for RCMI Researchers – Administrative Core

NSF 2211994 – Awarded August 2022
PI: Joanne Yew (CRAFT Lipidomics Core Director)
Collaborative Research: Molecular and evolutionary mechanisms underlying the rapid gain and loss of an insect pheromone

NIH/NCI – U54CA143727-13 – Subproject 7575 – Awarded August 2022
PI: Adrian Franke (CRAFT Metabolomics Core Director)
Cross-sectional analysis of areca alkaloids in buccal cells and hair from areca nut chewers as candidate biomarkers for short- and long-term areca nut exposure

NIH/NIMHD – R01MD018265-01 – Awarded August 2022
PI: Unhee Lim; Key Personnel: Christoph Rettenmeier (COBRE Nutrition RPL)
“Longitudinal Study of Early NAFLD Progression and the Gut Microbiome in Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Whites”

AACR – Research Grant – Awarded July 2022
PI: Yuanyuan Fu; Co-Investigator: Youping Deng (CRAFT Bioinformatics Core Director)
Targeting and Mechanism of Colorectal Cancer Health Disparities in Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders

Hawaii Community Foundation – MedRes_2022_ 00000771 – Awarded June 2022
PI: Takashi Matsui; Key Personnel: Christoph Rettenmeier (RPL)
Cell-to-cell death along myofibers in ischemic heart disease

NIH/NIGMS – P20GM103466-21S1 – Awarded May 2022
PI: Robert Nichols; Co-Investigator: Youping Deng (CRAFT Bioinformatics Core Director)
Cloud-based Learning Module for DNA Methylation Sequencing Data Analysis

NIH/NICHD – OT2HD108105 – Awarded June 2021
PI: May Okihiro (CEO Core Director), Ruben Juarez and Alika Maunakea (CRAFT Epigenomics Core Director)
Empowering schools as community assets to mitigate the adverse impacts of COVID-19

NIH/NIDDK – R01DK128390-01 – Awarded March 2021
PI: Lucia Seale (CRAFT Murine Metabolic Phenotyping Core Director)
Selenium metabolism in cold-induced adaptive thermogenesis

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