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Core Leader
Alika Maunakea

The Epigenomics Core Facility offers library preparation and sequencing services that include DNA methylation profiling, protein/nucleic acid association analysis (ChIP-Chip and ChIP-Seq), whole-genome sequencing (gDNA-Seq), targeted sequencing (Ampli-Seq), gene expression profiling (RNA-Seq), and microbiome analysis (16S-based Ampli-Seq). Next-generation sequencing technologies include a dedicated Ion S5TM System to enable semiconductor-based next-generation sequencing in a simple targeted sequencing workflow, leveraging the speed of semiconductor sequencing with on-board computing power.

This technology enables the production of high-quality sequencing data in as little as 2.5 hours. This is complemented by the Ion Chef™ System for semi-automation of library preparation. The path from DNA library preparation to data with the Ion Chef™ System can be achieved in as little as 24 hours with only 45 minutes of total hands-on time. The Ion S5 System applies simple-to-use cartridge-based reagents and offers scalability, flexibility, and reproducibility to support a broad range of high-throughput sequencing applications, from microbial genomes (such as for 16S metagenomics of the microbiome) and gene panels, to exomes and transcriptomes, translating genetic to digital information.

We also offer other services, like blood processing, phlebotomy service, DNA/RNA extraction of multiple samples, Elisa assays and other.

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