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Core Leader
Joanne Yew

The Microbial Genomics and Analytical Laboratory (MGAL) Core is a biosafety level two facility established to provide the following resources in a centralized site: equipment and technical expertise for high-throughput sequencing library preparation, metabolite and lipid analysis, and facilities for the safe handling, cultivation, and storage of microbial strains. MGAL provides select lipid profiling for RPL and pilot projects of this COBRE. A senior lab manager and research technician perform the genomics services, maintain the lab, train new users, and oversee administration and billing. The analytical services focus on small molecules and lipids including fatty acids, steroids, hydrocarbons, and eax esters. Capabilities include Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) ambient ionization mass spectrometer (MS), high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography MS (GCMS), and thin-layer chromatography. The use of multiple platforms allows a breadth of small molecules to be analyzed from diverse sample types.

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