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Core Leader
Alex Culley

The Microscopy Imaging Center for Research through Observation (MICRO) Core includes the Biological Electron Microscopy Facility (BEMF) that houses the only transmission electron microscope (EM) in the state and the only scanning EM at UHM supporting biological and biomedical research. A Leica SP8 upright confocal microscope with multiple lasers and detectors and high-speed digital camera was acquired in 2018 through an NSF major instrumentation grant and matching funds from the UH Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. The MICRO Core provides training and services for EM, epifluorescence and confocal microscopy, laser microdissection, and optical tweezers. The MICRO Core is located in the new Isabella Aiona Abbot Life Sciences Building in a custom-designed space for enhanced research and training activities.

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