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Core Leader
Lucia Seale

The Murine Metabolic Phenotyping Core provides service, consultation, education and training in murine metabolic testing. Core staff are available to assist investigators in all aspects of the metabolic testing, including suggestions for genetic background and experimental design, data analysis, and interpretation. The TSE Systems for metabolic testing has 8 cages and is designed with partial sound-proofing and automated software for monitoring all energy expenditure and activity parameters. A Rodent Incubator from Powers Scientific Inc. provides full climate control for mouse experimentation, and a set of eight e-mitters with receiving platforms from Starr Life Sciences allows for mouse core body temperature continuous monitoring. Users must undergo training in animal handling, use of equipment, and control of external variables, including sound and vibration disruptions. Testing can be time intensive, depending on the numbers of mouse models and other variables, and all Murine Metabolic Phenotyping equipment is housed in a restricted animal facility. Users must be part of an approved IACUC protocol and have had basic animal training as required by the UH Biosafety Committee prior to use of the Core equipment. Workshops are offered by Core staff to provide education and training in the theory and practice of investigating energy metabolism in mice.

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