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Molecular and genomic services

  • DNA/ RNA extractions
  • Full service library preparation for Illumina amplicon sequencing (EMP 16S/ ITS/ 18S/ Custom)
  • Pre-sequencing quality control and normalization
  • Sample format: 96 well or individual samples
  • Microbiome analysis services
  • Consultation and protocol development

Metabolite and lipid analysis by mass spectrometry

  • Lipid and metabolite analysis: fatty acids, short chain FAs, amino acids, sugars
  • Boutique services: direct tissue analysis, chemical derivatization, exact mass measurements
  • Data analysis
  • Consultation and protocol development

Microbe culturing and storage

  • Biosafety cabinet (2), temperature-controlled shaker, incubators
  • Temperature-controlled anaerobic chamber
  • -80 ˚C, -20 ˚C storage

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